8GB Flash Drives from USB Memory Direct

These 8Gb Flash Drives from USB Memory Direct are great reproductions of some of my favorite paintings. Printed on each side of a sturdy card that holds the flash drive, and they're free to anyone when placing an order.To visit USB Memory Direct, click "Learn More"

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Sunday Night Baseball

Fresh off my appearance on Opening Night in Chicago, the great folks at ESPN wanted to use my images of John Kruk and Curt Schilling as the backdrop for Sunday Night Baseball. They asked if I would also paint my version of the logo that would blend nicely with the characters. Tune in at 8pm Eastern every Sunday night this season to see my backdrop behind the broadcasters.


I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to illustrate Dawn Wells' new book, "What Would MaryAnn Do?",written with Steve Stinson and published by Taylor Trade. To kick off the promotion of the book, I created this pin up poster of an American icon.


King Of Spades

Just completed this oil,"King Of Spades",part of a project called "52 Ways To Love A Vet"an effort to promote awareness for veterans in need of advanced healthcare benefits.I was honored to be included in a group of talented artist and illustrators,who were asked to illustrate a specific face card from the deck.The original art will be a traveling show,with prints available to purchase,all proceeds going to the effort.

Wall Street Journal Assignment

This was a challenging assignment for The Wall Street Journal that appeared in the Weekend Edition,May 10/11th.

The original concept,given to me by the editors,was to show the man wide eyed and overwhelmed by the hands demanding cash.

After seeing the sketch,they decided that the man should look "suspicious"instead of their original idea.To me,the biggest challenge was to show the character of each hand,coming from each angle,asking for money.

Because of the tight deadline,I had little,to no time to get someone to help me with taking photo reference of each hand.So I decided to simply use my own hands from real life,placing them under the lights on my easel,without taking any pictures.

The final sketch was approved late on Thursday,and with a noon Friday deadline,it was another challenge to speed the process.

I decided to use acrylic paint for the yellowish background,which dried in minutes,and complete the underpainting in oils.

Putting the final touches on by late morning,I was able to scan and deliver on time.

New Website

Welcome to my new,updated website!

Here,I'll try to cover new assignments and involve you in my process of working.