Wall Street Journal Assignment

This was a challenging assignment for The Wall Street Journal that appeared in the Weekend Edition,May 10/11th.

The original concept,given to me by the editors,was to show the man wide eyed and overwhelmed by the hands demanding cash.

After seeing the sketch,they decided that the man should look "suspicious"instead of their original idea.To me,the biggest challenge was to show the character of each hand,coming from each angle,asking for money.

Because of the tight deadline,I had little,to no time to get someone to help me with taking photo reference of each hand.So I decided to simply use my own hands from real life,placing them under the lights on my easel,without taking any pictures.

The final sketch was approved late on Thursday,and with a noon Friday deadline,it was another challenge to speed the process.

I decided to use acrylic paint for the yellowish background,which dried in minutes,and complete the underpainting in oils.

Putting the final touches on by late morning,I was able to scan and deliver on time.